Powder Coating

BRISTA powder coating: Highest level, precision and focused expertise

At BRISTA you get powder coating of the highest quality – a modern and powerful system that offers our customers a precise and economical coating of galvanized and non-galvanized steel and aluminum. Due to the connection to the existing galvanizing, BRISTA's customers benefit of first-class corrosion protection as a duplex system (hot-dip galvanizing and coating) and of concentrated expertise, durable corrosion protection and unique aesthetics from a single source. In addition, a detailed consultation and adequately qualified technical and specialized expertise when it comes to selecting the necessary and most suitable surface treatment. Due to a fully automatic cabin and an additional 2-man manual cabin quick color changes are also possible at any time. Thus, we at BRISTA can respond to the needs of our customers quickly and flexibly.

In the BRISTA powder coating process parts with the following dimensions can be coated:

Powder Coating (maximum dimensions):
length: 7.600 mm
width: 600 mm
depth: 2.500 mm
weight: max. 1.000 kg


powder coating

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RAL color definitions

Step by step to the optimal powder coating: The production process in detail

We at BRISTA take an optimal coating for granted. That is why we proceed systematically and step by step. The best basis and most important condition for a perfect coating provides a residue-free, absolutely clean and even surface. This is achieved by appropriate pre-treatment methods. We offer two different techniques.


The sweeping method is especially used on hot-galvanized parts. Thus, the surface is roughened and achieves better adhesion of the powder coating. The zinc layer will not be damaged.

Products with cavities such as gates are manually grinded instead of sweeped in advance since the sweeping agent could accumulate in the cavities of the gate’s frame otherwise. Grinding has the same effect as sweeping.

The chemical pre-treatment

In the chemical pre-treatment facility, the product runs through 4 different zones.

Zone 1: Parts will be degreased.

Zone 2 and 3: The parts are rinsed in two operations; first with water, then with demineralized water.

Zone 4: The parts go through a chrome-free passivation.‎ This agent increases the corrosion resistance of the surface and the adherence of the coating.

After the pre-treatment all of the products go through a drying process, as only an absolutely dry surface ensures a perfect coating. In addition, this heat treatment (about 200 °C) makes the so-called "outgassing" of the fresh zinc possible for galvanized products.

powder coating

The powder coating

The actual powder coating takes place in the fully automatic powder booth. The material to be coated is electrostatically - positively charged. An electric field builds up and the negatively charged powder particles are attracted to the positive field of the material surface. They are spread evenly. Once the coating process is completed, the parts are transported through an oven in which the powder particles fuse at a temperature of approximately 180 °C to a layer of varnish. After a certain cooling time the product can now be packed up.

powder coating
powder coating

Duplex System: Smart combination of galvanizing and subsequent powder coating

The Duplex System is requested in many areas, as it saves time, money and resources, making it very economical. This harmony is further increased by the fact that hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating complement particularly well in the field of corrosion protection - and also offer an equally harmonious as well as flexible appearance. All RAL colors (industrial powder) can be applied. In addition, the powder coating which is applied after the hot-dip galvanizing achieves a significantly longer corrosion protection. Thus, the zinc coating is protected against atmospheric and chemical influences. The removal of zinc is prevented and avoided as long as the coating overlying is impeccable.

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