1928 Foundation of the company

In 1928 Franz Brinkmann lays the foundation for a now almost 90 year long success story – with a small company of 5 employees in Ense Lüttringen. There he starts with the production of tacks and upholstery nails. The customer base as well as the product range of the small company gradually expand.

1945 Foundation of the new manufacturing in Lüttringen

After the horror and chaos of World War 2, Brinkmann also wants to start all over. Caspar Brinkmann, son of the founder Franz Brinkmann, creates new trends and milestones in terms of development and expansion as well as BRISTA’s  production. In a newly built production facility in Lüttringen metal products, mostly for the household sector, are produced.

1946 Start of the production of steel basement windows

BRISTA starts to produce steel basement windows, which leads to its market leadership in the next years and decades. The BRISTA steel basement windows are especially popular, because they are protected against corrosion by dipping them in anti-rust paint. In the coming years even more innovative quality products contribute to the fact that BRISTA becomes a competent partner for building materials and construction equipment dealers in the region and beyond.

Brista History 1965

The 1960s to the 1980s are marked by expansion and the addition of new production facilities: The start of production in Plant 2 in Höingen takes place. A galvanizing plant with chain operation gets installed and enables from then on the galvanizing of the basement windows.


1974 Hot-Dip Galvanization Plant 2

The originally operated conventional machine in plant 2 is expanded in the 1970s by the continuously producing hot-dip galvanizing plant, which is drag chain driven. 

1990 Plant Lüttringen

Growth and change – the late 1980s and 1990s stand for plant and product expansion as well as growth through change. This is how in the early 1990s the 10,000,000th BRISTA basement window is produced. A milestone that marks the continued success and development process of BRISTA but also represents a turning point.

1992 Start of the construction of Plant 1

BRISTA is happy about the continuing good economic situation and the optimistic expectations for future good sales in Germany and Europe. In 1992 this leads to the decision to close the main plant in Lüttringen and to relocate to the Höinger Industrial Park, which is still BRISTA's headquarters today.


1998 Construction of the new hot-dip galvanizing Plant 1

Shortly before the turn of the millennium, a further stage of investment is made. In a newly created 4,500 square meter hall one of the most modern galvanizing plants in Europe is created. Even the former Prime Minister Wolfgang Clement himself officially inaugurates this modern production facility.

2005 Initial operation of the photovoltaic system

The 2000s are influenced by the use of ressource and environmentally friendly technologies. This includes the initial operation of the photovoltaic system in 2005. 2200 photovoltaic modules are installed on the roof of the building which produce more than 350,000 kWh annually.

photovoltaic system
Construction of the powder coating plant

2006 Construction of the powder coating plant

One year later, the construction of a 2,500 m² hall for efficient  powder coating of galvanized and non-galvanized steel and aluminum begins.

This construction is completed in 2007. Since then, customers benefit from the direct connection to the existing galvanization through even shorter routes as well as more competence and selection regarding the range of surface finishing and additional corrosion protection.

2010 Start of the twin wire mash panel production

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